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We have professionals in various field who have years of experience in design work and project supervision
that committed to meet the project costing and dateline for completion.


Key Person

Dato' Ts Shahrin Sabu
Managing Director

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.)(civil)

Major in design and supervision of trenchless work, highway, pavement, flood mitigation, soil improvement & soil stability, infrastructure, substructure, rock drilling, TMP, hot tapping & line -stopping, underground utilities mapping, dilapidation survey.

Major Project Involve:
Cadangan Saliran Utama Dari Pembangunan Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Hinga Ke Sg Klang
Jacking Of 700mm MS Pipe At Subang Airport (Microtunelling Method)
Resak Onshore Gas Terminal Development Project
Perak Hanjoong Simen Expenasion Project PL2
Light Rail transit System II for KL - Phase 1 (Section C)



Our Team

Noor Zamri Yaacob
Executive Director

Diploma in Agribussiness

Major Project Involve:
Manage and supervision of underground utilities mapping works
Manage and supervision for Port Dickson Sewerage Project
Manage and supervision for Putrajaya Sewerage Project


Ir. Yap Tuck Keong
Technical Advisor

Major Project Involve:
Construction Of Pantai Sewage Treatment Plan - Phase 1
Design And Build Water Supply Scheme, Merbau Chondong, Machang
Bandar Baru Sri Iskandar Water Supply Project
Construction And Completion Of The Proposed Sungai Besi STW



Ir Neo Boon Kheng
Project Director

Membership of professional societies:
Professional Engineer, Board of Engineers, Malaysia
Member, Institutions of Engineer, Malaysia (IEM)
Member, American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE)
Member, ASEAN Engineer

Specialty experience : over 15 years experience in trenchless technology projects, ie. Pipe jacking, microtunelling, horizontal directional drilling, RD utility detection & ground penetration radar detection and over 10 years experience in design sewerage network, pumping main & sewerage treatment plant and supervision of sewerage work in the capacity as resident engineer.

Major Project Involve:
Pakej D43 - Pembinaan Rangkaian Paip Pembetunagn Dan Rasionalisasi Loji Rawatan Di Kawasan Batu, Jinjang Kepong Kuala Lumpur (Fasa 1) Reka Dan Bina
Pakej D44 - Pembinaan Rangkaian Paip Pembetunagn Dan Rasionalisasi Loji Rawatan Kumbahan Di Kawasan Bunus Setapak Kuala Lumpur (Reka Dan Bina)
Kerja-Kerja Pengantian Paip Utama Di Muadzam Shah & Bandar Chini, Pahang
Loji Rawatan Kumbahan Serantau & Rangkaian Paip Pembetungan Kajang 2 Selangor





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